Here is a summary of the differences and improvements made to the Natural Ride

The last time Colorado made any major improvements in the Natural Ride was in 1986 when they started using suede leather instead of canvas on the seats. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you of three major improvements Colorado has made in the Natural Ride this year.

First, and perhaps, the most important is the cinching method. While the felt cinch was satisfactory it left a lot to be desired. The new system utilizes a 32-inch rayon girth with a tie down ring with heavy nylon 1 3/4" off straps & billets. With this improvement you can tighten your girth to where it will work the best for you. This new girth system makes your Natural Ride as secure as any saddle.

The second improvement they have made is in the pad itself. The new pad on the Natural Ride comes with a heavy, specially treated denim pad that will wear for many years and can be cleaned with soap and water.  Any of you that have tried to clean the seat on your Natural Ride have no doubt found out that it is virtually impossible to remove stains from suede leather.  The bottom of the new pad is of butterfly neoprene that washes easily with soap and water and also allows for better air circulation.

The third improvement is being able to use a breast collar with your Natural Ride. Over the years I have had many people ask if they can use a breast collar. There was no provision for attaching a breast collar to the Natural Ride. However, a few people had D rings sewn to the  front of the pad. While this helped it was not very satisfactory because it could shift. Colorado Saddlery has remedied this problem by molding a 1" slot on either side of the fork that will fit any standard 1" nylon and felt breast collar. Incidentally, we have a very attractive 1" nylon a and breast collar that we sell also.

I hope that after learning about these changes and additions you will consider adding this improved Natural Ride to your tack room .